2016/2017 kid punishment arrests

2016/2017 kid punishment arrests

In 2016 and 2017, eight everyone was arrested in Pennsylvania and Virginia, United States Of America, during a study which were only available in reference to the alleged sexual punishment of a underage kid. Most, if you don’t all, associated with the arrestees had been people of the furry fandom.


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Arrestees and fees edit

The eight suspects, while the fees under that they had been arrested, had been:

  • Anna Lynn Durbin (Mikasha or Mika; citation required created April 6, 1992 1 ) of Coles County, Illinois. Statutory intimate attack, corrupting a small and indecently assaulting an individual under 16. Plead bad, sentenced in might 2018.
  • Kenneth C. Fenske (LupineFox; created January 25, 1960 that are2 of Milford Township, dollars County, Pennsylvania. Rape of a young child, involuntary deviate sexual sex, illegal experience of a small. Discovered maybe maybe maybe not responsible of most unlawful fees by a jury in January 2018.
  • Jeffrey Alan Harvey of Western Wyoming, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Illegal experience of a small, unlawful utilization of interaction center, involuntary deviate sexual sex with an individual under 16, statutory intimate attack. Plead responsible to tried assault that is sexual unlawful utilization of interaction center costs in November 2017, sentenced in March 2018.
  • Craig Michael Knox (Diego_900) of Henrico, Virginia. Rape of a young child, involuntary deviate sexual sex with a kid, intimate exploitation of kids, two counts of illegal experience of a small.
  • David R. Parker (RebelWolf; created October 8, 1978 3 ) of Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. Initially faced with 10 counts of possession of kid pornography, unlawful usage of a interaction center. Plead responsible to intercourse trafficking of a kid in 2017 august.
  • Phillip Matthew Stallsworth (Icepaws) of Milford, Pennsylvania. Sexual activity having an animal, tampering with proof.
  • Paige Wren Tasker (LunaWildWolf; created 13, 1989 4 ) of Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County july. Statutory intimate attack, corruption of minors, involuntary deviate sexual sex, indecent attack. Plead responsible in December 2017, to statutory assault that is sexual corruption of minors.
  • Stephen Matthew Taylor of Henrico, Virginia. Bestiality, animal abuse.

Chronology edit

2001 edit

The target came to be in this current year. 5 Newspaper reports would explain one of many offenders as « a member of family for the kid, who was simply coping with a grandmother », 6 and described a tiger costume he wore to furry events, 6 resulting in people in the furry community identifying him as Skarr, the son of David Parker/RebelWolf. 7

2003-2004 edit

Parker would later inform authorities he was 2 or 3 years old, and engaged in sexual acts with males in front of him that he tried to perform sexual acts on Skarr when. 5

2009 edit

Starting in 2009, Parker would transport Skarr to a home, where, once the target described, guys donned animal that is full-body. 6 Though later discovered not liable, the target called one of many guys as Kenneth Fenske, whoever fox costume contained « full long sleeves and jeans, a zipper within the straight back, paw gloves, and a fox mind with pointy ears ». 6 Skarr, within the meanwhile, had been designed to clothe themselves in a Tony the Tiger ensemble. 6

Based on the Pennsylvania attorney general’s workplace, Fenske would abuse Skarr at these furry parties. It absolutely was alleged that Fenske took the child upstairs through the celebration, undressed him, and forced him to possess sex, 6 an act which happened on perhaps three to four occasions. 6

2010 edit

Detectives allege that in this 12 months, Parker and Skarr decided to go to a household on Butler Street, Pittston, Pennsylvania, to go to the home’s resident, Craig Knox. 8 based on Knox’s later testimony, he came across Parker during blonde sex com 2009 or 2010, while the guys talked about their shared attraction to young men and dogs. 8 Knox additionally claimed that Parker wanted to allow him have intimate relations with Skarr, and both guys involved in sex functions using the child that time. 8

2015 edit

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